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When we launched a few years ago, we were excited to financially support a great open source project while also providing project management tooling to the community. However, the adoption rate has been pretty low and we have several other tools available. Maintaining redundant tools isn’t a good use of our time and resources, so our Taiga instance will shut down on December 17.

If you’re making heavy use of Taiga’s features, you can export your projects from and import them into the free public instance at Your team members will need to create an account there and you will have to re-add members. However, you will be able to keep history and configuration.

If you’re looking for basic kanban functionality, this is available in Pagure. In addition, the newly-announced GitLab offering includes robust project management and Agile development features.

If you have any questions, or need help migrating, please use the infrastructure mailing list.


In addition, the newly-announced GitLab offering

and the link says:

This new service is hosted by GitLab and includes Ultimate-tier features

In other words: You are replacing a Free Software project running on Fedora infrastructure with proprietary software running on external infrastructure. This also makes Fedora dependent on the continued existence of the free-as-in-beer “GitLab for Open Source program”, which they can discontinue, or start charging any arbitrary price for, at any time.

I take it that Pagure is also going to be replaced by this proprietary offering sooner or later, or has at least that scary plan been canceled?

Hi Kevin. See discussion on LWN (subscriber link, so it’s open to all). In short… there is currently no plan to replace Pagure, but… it’s increasingly looking like we need one. And I don’t think we have a lot of good options. There’s so much that needs to be better about the things that are specific to Fedora that it’s really, really hard to also do gitforge development, and that’s getting to the point where it’s holding us back on doing Fedora development itself. I’d love to have an alternative, but I don’t think we can be responsible for making and maintaining that alternative. unless a lot more people show up to help with it.

I’d be very happy with a sustainable GitLab CE instance, but that falls into the same thing: people have been suggesting we should have that for over a decade — and not only that, saying they’re going to help make it… but it hasn’t happened.

We need something. The current situation isn’t sustainable.

FWIW, I’m very happy with Pagure. I know that it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of GitLab. But for my purposes, it does what I need. Also the support team has been very responsive when I have encountered problems. I especially like that the accounts are one-to-one with FAS. That Pagure uses the same account system that teams.fp.o does really saved the day when porting all the data from the Fedora Magazine Taiga instance. I think the Websites and Apps team is trying to migrate from teams.fp.o to GitLab right now, but they are having difficulty because, even though GitLab now supports SSO with Fedora’s account system, the account names don’t map one-to-one because many users had pre-existing GitLab accounts.

TLDR; Please don’t ditch Pagure! Fedora Magazine just did a bunch of work to switch to it! :slightly_smiling_face: