System unable to suspend (F38, AMD B550)

Hey there,

I am quite new to the Linux world and have some issues with my hardware on F37 as well as F38. Everytime I try to suspend the system the following happens:

  • system powers off, I hear the relay of the PSU click
  • system powers back on immediately
  • black screen, fans spin up at full speed
  • power and reset button do not react, have to do a hard reset
  • I reset the PC, everything boots up normally

My System:

OS: Fedora 38 (Workstation Edition)
Kernel: 6.2.11-300.fc38.x86_64
DE: GNOME 44.0
Mainboard: Gogabyte B550 Aorus Pro v2
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 6900 XT

The system drive has been encrypted with standard FDE during setup. UEFI is up to date. Downgrading to one of the two last firmwares made no difference, unfortunately.

Here is the journalctl log for the time between pressing the suspend button and the system going to sleep: Zerobin

And the journalctl log for the boot after suspending: Zerobin

And the journalctl log for a normal boot after a regular shutdown: Zerobin

Do you have any idea how to fix this issue? Is there something in the log that could be related to such problems?

I do welcome any response! :slight_smile:

Best wishes

acpitool -w says the following:


Please have a look what your “Settings” are under “Power” “Power Button Behavior” if it is something else than “Supsend”


Hi. Thank you for your reply.

The power button is set to its default. But I am using the system UI to suspend the system anyways.

The relay click of the PSU is the expected behaviour when putting the system into standby. But it immideately clicks a second time and powers the system back on. My guess is that some part of the system is unable to enter the S4 state. But I’m not an expert on that.

UEFI settings are set to normal by the way. Everything works as expected in other distros like Windows.

I also had this issue on openSUSE Tumbleweed a few weeks ago. Kernel 6.0, if I remember correctly. It powered just back on after suspending. But in that case without braking the session at least. On Fedora the screen just stays black, the fans go full speed and the system needs a hard power off. :man_shrugging:

Looks like this issue appears on many Gigabyte boards and is related to the PCI GPP bridge. I could narrow it down to GPP0 being the cause by deactivating it with acpitool:

acpitool -W number (7 in this case)

See also this thread for reference:

I will make this change permanent now:

Really weird that this issue is still there in 2023. Will report that to Gigabyte since the latest F16b is still broken.