System Freezes

Hi, I’ve been having some system freezes, they happen once or twice a day, now I’ve checked journalctl and theres is no longer any errors (used to have an issue with alacritty (but that’s fixed)) and there are no errors anywhere else that I can see. If anyone has any ideas, that’d be much appreciated.

System Info:

Asus X553MA with a 4 core Intel Pentium N3540 @2.16GHz, 8GB of RAM and built in Mesa Intel HD Graphics, with a 1 TB HDD for storage.

Thanks In Advance,

You’re going to need to do some profiling to find out why, but using tools like htop and iotop to see what might be causing the IO load. If your hard drive is a spinning disk, replacing it with an SSD is likely to give you a significant performance improvement.

Thanks, I’ll try that, one thing that popped up on a couple of journal checks before, was my webcam then a couple mins later a crash would happen, could it possibly be that?