Linux system froze

My linux system got into a complete freeze.
I can’t force reboot it because it moves a partition with important data to the left of the HDD,I use kde partition manager.I can’t even get into tty,blindly working in it doesn’t work either.
I don’t have SSH configured but I do have cups.I tried to print something but it shows that the printer is off.
The activity led is still on (the one blinking when something is written to any disk).
What can I do in order to unstuck it,or at least stop the process in a way that it won’t destroy my data?
I use Fedora 36 with KDE Pasma wayland.
I have amd cpu and gpu.

A complete freeze would mean that nothing is happening.
This description seems to indicate that the system is still running but that you may not be able to access it.

Can you connect remotely using ssh or something similar?
What exactly is it doing with that partition? Copying data? modifying the partition? using dd?

A better description is needed to understand the situation and your concerns.

Thanks! Edited the question.

IDK what I did,I randomly switched my HDMI cable from GPU to iGPU,blindly used tty with

username,passwd,killall kwin

and eventually it fixed by itself,idk how but tysm for helping me. It probably was a mesa error or something,scarry bug!

Generally, when a system freezes but the disk IO light is lit up, it means you have an IO bound process and the most common cause for that is if you’ve ran out of memory and are not swapping on a spinning disk (and you mentioned a HDD).

free -m will give you a clue about your memory usage. If you can Alt-Ctrl-F3 and run htop if you have it installed (or top if you don’t) you might be able to find and kill what is eating up all your memory or renice it to a higher number so it gets less priority.

If this is the cause and it happens often, I suggest increasing your physical RAM and/or switching to a solid state drive.