System dont actually shutdown when shutdown

seems like my laptop wont shudown even i shutdown the system overnight batery has gone 52% it was full on shutdown and booted up battery was 48% ( F38 workstation )

This does not sound like the system was shutdown. Instead it seems it may have been placed in suspend which keeps the power on.

Please provide more detail on how you are performing the “shutdown”.

Click right corner on gnome and choose shutdown and then it shutdown even i wait 5 minutes before I close the lid

Does the power light go out when shutdown completes before closing the lid? If not then shutdown did not complete. On many laptops suspend will also turn off the power light.

Yes and usually it disconnect my BT connection to Logi Z407 speakers, but now I can’t hear the disconnect sound. If I have charger it shows shutdown is done it turns off charge light and after that lights again when charging