Support request from LLVM team

Hi team, we got a request from LLVM for PgM help. Let me know in this thread by the end of your day on Wednesday if you’re interested and we’ll get someone assigned.

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It sounds interesting. I took a class on compiler design many years ago and I remember doing a little work with yacc and lex. I don’t really know anything about LLVM though and even less about packaging. I’d like to help but I’m worried that the gaps in my knowledge would be more of a hindrance than a help. That said, I don’t really know what is expected in this role either. If you think this could be turned into a training exercise, then maybe.

Hello @bcotton ,
Pardon my ignorance on the subject matter, but is not the request for program management help more leaning towards meeting the packaging deadlines than the actual packaging. So tracking and coordinating efforts for the release cadence, etc…?

Even if it is just scheduling things and pinging developers to see how it is coming, I wonder if some knowledge/understanding of what the tasks entail is still required to be effective though. I might, for example, see that the stated problem is that the “grammar” needs to be fixed and, if I don’t understand the topic properly, I might not realize what is involved and only assign one day to get that fixed. I mean, changing a few words around is easy right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello Ben,

i am intested in this project

That’s how I read it, yes.