Sugar - desktop removal

I have installed Sugar - desktop environment in order to try it for some days but now that I want to remove it I cannot… and the “Sugar” logo continues to appear after each reboot.
I have tried to remove it from terminal but it continues to appear.
Best regards.

@ushnu2, Welcome to the discussion.
If this is from the GDM login, you can select a different desktop to use via the (gear icon) before you enter your password, but after you highlight the user. It can be found in the lower right corner of the login screen.

Thank you @jakfrost for your help.
I can choose from various DE in my Fedora, but what I want is that at the Start or Reboot no Sugar icon appears. It’s like if Sugar was controlling part of the boot process…

Hello @ushnu2,You could just try sudo dnf groupremove -y sugar.