General user icon when user list is off at gdm login screen

Hey all,
I am trying to figure out where the “default avatar icon” is coming from when “disable-user-name” is set to ‘true’ and the GDM Face Browser is turned off, see screen shot:


Gnome help docs say:

If a user has no defined face image, GDM will use the "stock_person" icon defined in the current GTK+ theme. If no such image is defined, it will fallback to a generic face image.

but i was unable to find that ‘stock_person’ icon, nor that ‘generic face image’ on my system (and believe me, i tried). Also i doubt the info in Gnome help above is still true.

I remember ‘the good ol’ days’ when you just logged in as user ‘gdm’ and set that icon to what ever you liked. But since the make-over of GDM (or Simple Greeter? or GDMlogin?) there is no gdm user to login to, and gresources took over for a part.

This icon is not reachable via dconf settings. ‘Greeter Logo’ is a logo at the bottom of the screen. .face files and so do not work anymore. Maybe an inline SVG?

Any suggestions?

Ok. So it was the default user avatar of the theme, in my situation the Adwiata theme.

I tested the Login Manager Settings app from Mazhar Hussain in a virtual Fedora 37 machine and it runs flawless. It not even let you set the background and all other tweakable features of GDM, it also makes it possible to set the icon theme of the login screen. By changing that i noticed the login icon of GDM had changed as well. Good to know for people who want their own icon at that place; for what ever reason :wink:

I choose for the flatpack installation by the way, explained here at the devellopers githup. Please do read the warnings before trying. Begin reading at I am very happy with it.

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