Stutter and laggy mouse


I’m having issues stuttering issues with my mouse, and I don’t know how to debug this issue.

One problem is that both the laptop and the mouse are new, it’s hard to tell if it comes from the mouse or from the laptop.

The stutter appears quite randomly and can stay for a few seconds to minutes - it depends.

The mouse connects via a wireless USB dongle (a keyboard is connected to the same dongle, I’ve never experienced issues with the keyboard). I’ve tried changing the dongle of USB port, it doesn’t seem to be effective. I only have USB 3.0 so I wasn’t able to test on a 2.0.

I have an external monitor as well, I tried to change the refresh rate. It’s not effective either.

It’s also not related to wayland, I have the issue on both wayland and xorg.

Also I don’t have a nvidia card (AMD radeon instead).

I’ve followed various propositions online, I tried a bunch of them and the stutter keeps hapenning.
Do you have any idea of what I could do at least to identify where the issue comes from?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My experience with a stuttering mouse via an USB dongle was when the wireless signal was poor. That could easily happen when I had the dongle on the opposite side of the laptop than the mouse was. So experiment with this to make sure this is not a hardware issue.

Aside from that, run sudo journalctl -fand look into the live journal output when the stutter happens, whether there are some interesting related debug messages printed at that time.

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Good point. I had my dongle inserted in a kvm switch which is hanging behind the desk I use (between the desk and the wall) and I had the same issues. I now have the dongle above the table connected through a USB extender cord. No more problems.