Stuck on first-run experience because I have a bluetooth mouse

I have just installed Fedora (Workstation 39) on my computer using the live ISO. After a reboot, I am stuck in the first run experience because I don’t have a wired mouse and the interface doesn’t seem entirely accessible via the keyboard. Has anyone run into this and know how to resolve it?

I didn’t run into this problem during the initial graphical setup because I had enough experience to use the system key, type “Bluetooth”, navigate to the settings pane by keyboard and setup my mouse. I am unable to do an equivalent here, as it doesn’t look like a full version of GNOME is running yet.

Also, because it looks like Anaconda doesn’t setup a user during the installation process, I am unable to Ctrl-Alt-F<num> and login to a TTY and run bluetoothctl in the shell to setup the mouse.

Please do help me if I am missing something obvious. Thank you!

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Definitely a feature that needs to be added to the installer

Hello @hnarayanan ,
You could use tab to move from selectable object (button) to the next one then enter to execute. The same should apply for entry fields like username and password.
[Edit] Just did it in a vm. You can definitely use the tab key to finish the first run. Highlighting was subtle so take note. Tab will cycle through focusable items endlessly.

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I really did try tab. The very first screen was setting up WiFi. Let me go back and try again. Thank you!

Is this the screen you’re referring to because I’m unable to see any focus (however faint) and cannot seem to progress with tabs or enter key presses.

I just bought a cheap wired mouse to get past this problem. It’s working now.


Sorry for the late reply, (Too late apparently as you bought a mouse).
Yeah I didn’t ever get that screen since I did the install on a vm which gets a virtual network connection that appears to the installer as physical cable.
Glad you were able to solve it, and I marked your comment about buying the mouse as the solution, though I would say the particular screen that you show could be better for keyboard navigation in the event of mouse failure.
I do think tab would still work there, but I have nothing bare metal to test it on. It should always allow you to tab to focusable items in the GUI, like entry fields or buttons. That is the way Gnome works.

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This issue has affected Apple users for years. At work, where Apple systems replaced SGI Irix and NeXT systems, we kept spare wired keyboards and mice for times when the BT devices failed (one use case was system that dual booted linux, but most common was a dead battery).

I am one such user with a mac-centric mouse that explicitly doesn’t do anything with USB except charge. :sweat_smile:

It’s got a port and cable and everything. Just all decoy.

I think it is still an opportunity for a suggestion or a QA check. The scenario is reproducible and with Bluetooth devices being more common it’s bound to happen more frequently. having the keyboard capable in this place is still valuable. Not sure if this is the anaconda team or others.

I don’t know how the teams are organised but this happens after Anaconda proper finishes and the system reboots.

Possibly, this would fall under the Workstation SiG, since it is in the desktop session already at first run. The first run file is Gnome-centric I think.

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