Start setup keyboard only

I could not find a way to navigate via “start setup” after fresh fedora 36 workstation installation with only keyboard.
The USB keyboard works, but “start setup” app does not accept any of usual navigation shortcuts like ctrl+tab, etc…
I have a bluetooth mouse, but in this step its impossible to start settings or terminal to connect the mouse via commandline.

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I could not really understand what you mean with “start Setup” after fresh workstation installation?!

Do you mean you started up with a workstation live image and you wold start the installation to the hard-drive? And this without Mouse? Anaconda is the installer, you might be able to run it in a terminal with sudo.

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Since the boot screen for the install media is gui it should be obvious that you need a mouse to navigate. It also is almost a given that ‘everyone’ using a computer today would have both a mouse and keyboard that works from first power on (usually USB).

If booting to the ‘try fedora’ screen does not enable bluetooth then it is a given that a usb mouse is needed to do the install; OR; you will need some means to download the proper drivers and activate bluetooth before you can continue.

If instead you were able to use the mouse during the install then it ‘should’ be functional after the install is complete and you reboot into the installed system.

Please let us know what actually happened and where in the install process you noted the problem.

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