Stuck in upgrade to f39-desktop (graphical)



Today i opted to upgrade from f38 to f39 (desktop). But the upgrade it’s stuck. Hopefully someone can help.

First i did a regular update in terminal.

Then while i was doing that, system updates told me a new version was available.

While the update is running in terminal i go to software.

I wait until terminal is finished.

beyond the fedora39 upgrade, there is also two hardware upgrades that requires restart

I click on those first. As soon as i click, the message goes away.

I then click on system upgrade. I should probably have restarted first…

The laptop restart. And I’ve been stuck on 26% for a few hours now.

Please advise?

Below is the current status

So. Eventually I decided to hold the power button down to restart. To my surprise I was returned to a working f38. From here I performed the upgrade from the terminal… And it seems everything works now. Albeight my system feels pretty slow.

I did get this error message. But so far no problems.

If you run into problems, it’s always better to use command line tools to update or upgrade because you get feedback and see where and maybe why the update is getting stuck.

You want to upgrade from F38 to F39, and this is workstation edition? If both are a ‘yes’, follow Upgrading Fedora Using DNF System Plugin :: Fedora Docs and feel free to report back any errors you may encounter.

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Thanks. As I wrote in my third post, the issue is resolved.

The graphical way is the recommended way as per the docs, so that’s what i did this time. But not next :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Having spent some time in this forum helping other users with their issue on upgrading, I am really questioning if the GUI upgrade should be the recommended method. It works until if there are no issues, but as soon as there is an issue, the GUI method sucks.