Stuck In Emergency Mode After `dnf system-upgrade reboot`

I was upgrading from Fedora 38 to 39 and when I ran dnf system-upgrade reboot the system rebooted to the normal gnome menu with only Fedora 38 as an option, but if I try booting I get dumped to emergency mode and can’t even login there (see screenshot). How can I complete the upgrade or at least revert?

I’d say your first task is to unlock the root account by setting a password

From there, we can try to recover the system.

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That didn’t even slightly occur to me, I’m in now and am parsing through the system logs!

I learned on Debian so there was always a root password.

Ok, I figured it out, I had a bad fstab entry but getting root access in recovery mode let me view the system logs and figure that out. Thanks @chrisawi

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Please let me know how did you solve it.
I have the same issue, but I don’t have so much experience in Linux. My go to in this case was to press enter, then wait a couple of seconds when the command “Press enter to continue” appears on the screen, then hit restart button. Afer this it boot’s normally in fedora 38.

@ivsergiu My issue was unrelated to upgrading and was caused by a bad entry in fstab. You should start a new thread if you are still having an issue. Also once your system boots you can run sudo journalctl -xb to review the boot log, look for lines in red or orange to try to figure out the cause.

Thank you for your reply!
I’ve tought that we might have the same issue.