Cannot login into account after upgrade Fedora from 37 to 38 version

Hello ,

I have a permanent issue in login denying after upgrading from 37 to 38 version and I have no idea where to dig up… In a text mode the issue is the same. I made an upgrade once by dnf and another time by the interface (via settings → Upgrade).

Any suggestıons are appreciated. Thank you.

What is happening with the login?
Is it getting to the login screen then not accepting password?
Is it going into rescue mode?
is it simply freezing during boot and never finishes?

We need more info to even begin to understand the full situation.

As much detailed information as possible about what is happening helps us to help you.

“Is it getting to the login screen then not accepting password” - that’s totally correct. I have just a permanent error “logın failed” after entering a correct login and a password on a standard logın screen in graphical mode as well as using tty. In tty mode I have got the same error and there is a number of failed attempts to login additionally. No rescue mode or freezing .
I would like to provide more specific information if could give me a hunch of what to collect. Thank you very much for a response !

This type error can usually be fixed by a process of booting into the live system from a usb then using a chroot process to mount the installed file systems and reset the password for the user.

Has that been attempted or do you need more info on how to do so?

In general, once one has entered the chroot environment then the standard gnome settings control panel will allow management of users and passwords.

Hello Jeff V, I’m sorry for a late response , I changed password for a root user and my user, but the error pop upped up again .
Let me explain the order of my actions. I booted from fedora live cd then mount a partition then execute a chroot command in my root user catalog then changed password for my user and for a root user using a command passwd. The command successfully executed then I unmounted a partition and rebooted and the login failed error was persisted. In a command menu the situation has not changed as well.

It could be that your SELinux labels are incorrect. However we need logs from the failed login to understand what is the issue exactly.

You could try fixing all labels by creating a file called .autorelabel in your system’s root directory \, then boot and SELinux will apply all labels correctly (may take a while).

Could you try a login from a tty? Press ctrl+alt+f3 to switch to tty3 and try logging in there.

Failed logins may also be caused by something simple such as the caps lock, number lock, or a failing keyboard (maybe even as little as one key malfunctioning)