Stop the Gnome Lock Screen from turning off my Display

I can’t find a way to stop my screen from immediately turning off when I lock my desktop… Can anyone help me out?

The Gnome Shell extension from that thread works for me.

Saving the code here in case the source is gone:

==> <==
// This extension is a super ugly hack, because extensions are supposed to be
// when the lock screen gets shown. Since doing this would completely defeat the
// purpose of this extension, it has to break with this assumption
const ScreenShield = imports.ui.screenShield;
const Main = imports.ui.main;

let extensionActive = false;

let orig_activateFade = ScreenShield.ScreenShield.prototype._activateFade;
let orig_completeLockScreenShown = ScreenShield.ScreenShield.prototype._completeLockScreenShown;

// don't fade in a full screen black box which would obscure the view
function noFade_activateFade (lightbox, time) {};

// basically a copy of the original method without the emission of the
// "active-changed" signal which would cause gnome-settings-daemon to
// blank the screen
function noFade_completeLockScreenShown () {
    this._isActive = true;

    if (this._aboutToSuspend)


function init() {

function enable() {
    if (!extensionActive) {
        extensionActive = true;
        ScreenShield.ScreenShield.prototype._activateFade = noFade_activateFade;
        ScreenShield.ScreenShield.prototype._completeLockScreenShown = noFade_completeLockScreenShown;

function disable() {
    // Only allow disabling the extension when in 'user' mode (i.e. manually),
    // but not in lock-screen mode.
    if (extensionActive && Main.sessionMode.currentMode == 'user') {
        extensionActive = false;
        ScreenShield.ScreenShield.prototype._activateFade = orig_activateFade;
        ScreenShield.ScreenShield.prototype._completeLockScreenShown = orig_completeLockScreenShown;

==> <==
"shell-version": ["3.10", "3.12", "3.14", "3.16", "3.18", "3.20", "3.22", "3.24"],
"uuid": "",
"name": "No Screen Blank",
"description": "Disable blanking the screen after showing the lock screen"

Worked for me, thanks vgaetera!


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