Fedora 38 Gnome Lock Screen Broken, Cannot Activate

This is really strange. This worked fine last week. After a couple small updates, there is something wrong with the lock screen. It doesn’t activate after idle and I cannot manually activate it with CTRL-ALT-DELETE, which I think is the default hot key. Anyone else seeing this?

Found this in the journal:

gnome-shell: Screen lock is locked down, not locking

Found a reference in ArchLinux forums about it. Apparently, there is a group of settings called “lockdown” in Gnome. You can see this group in dconf-editor. The lockscreen was the only thing set to enabled in that group, so I just disabled lockdown for it.

Any idea what could have flipped that setting? I obviously didn’t do it, and an can’t think of what might do it without me knowing.

P.S. I also found that Automatic Suspend in Power options was set to Never. I’m guessing that’s what enabled the “lockdown” setting. But, again, I’m sure I didn’t set that. I wonder if it was some update to gnome-settings or some extension?