How to enable lock screen when I turn off the lid on a laptop?

Greetings fellow humans, human fellas.

I’m using my New Framework laptop and everything seems to work fine on my Fedora Gnome 34 edition install.

However, the only thing that does not work is the lock screen. If I suspend the machine or put the lid down, the laptop goes into sleep mode and only wakes if I press the power button. However, when it resumes, it goes back to the desktop rather than the login screen(GDM, the one with the blurry background).

I’ve never encountered this issue before and I don’t know where to start searching for possible issues and start fixing them.

I just checked my Privacy settings and lock screen is indeed enabled.

If anyone can guide me through this that would be great. Thanks.

Be sure to set a non-empty user password, install all available updates, and reboot.

Of course. System is setup with a password and fingerprint. And is using the latest and greatest software.

Note. Could f35 fix this? Might have to reinstall.

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Yep, there’s a chance the issue is fixed in the new release.
You can upgrade like this: DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs

Looks like the uograde didn’t fix it. I might reinstall when I get the time.

P.S. powe4profiles aren’t available. Is this normal