Steam window is not displayed

Hello everyone,

I installed steam via rpm-tree because the flatpack kept hanging. But with the rpm version I have the problem that the window does not open, Steam is running in the background, but that’s it.

However, when I open steam via the terminal, I get the window displayed and can interact with it normally.
Any ideas what this could be?

It looks similar to this issue.

Thanks but I can’t edit the file ‘/usr/share/applications/steam.desktop’.

You’ll need to do as sudo.

sudo vim /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop

I know that, but that doesn’t help either:

example with mv because it is not so easy to recognise in vim or in my case nano.

sudo mv /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop_bak
mv: cannot move '/usr/share/applications/steam.desktop' to '/usr/share/applications/steam.desktop_bak': Read-only file system

Sorry, I just realized /usr is not mutable in Silverblue. In this case, copy and paste the file into ~/.local/share/applications/, and then modify it.

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You can cp /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop ~/.local/share/applications and then vim ~/.local/share/applications/steam.desktop on Fedora Workstation to override desktop files, can you do the same on Silverblue?

how does that work? because then the desktop file would exist twice?

Desktop entries for applications, or .desktop files, are generally a combination of meta information resources and a shortcut of an application. These files usually reside in /usr/share/applications/ or /usr/local/share/applications/ for applications installed system-wide, or ~/.local/share/applications/ for user-specific applications. User entries take precedence over system entries.

So if a user-specific desktop file is present, it will take precedence over the system-wide one. Should there be any issues, the user-specific desktop file can be deleted to revert to the system-wide one.


Thank you, it seems to work now.