Starting to develop web app

Hi to all,
this is yet another where do I start from post. I would like to learn programming in my spare time. I’ve few or zero background, having just some FORTRAN 77 and bash knowledge.
So I’d like to achieve two goals:

  1. write a very very simple software that can handle a small warehouse (just register inbound and outbound) for the company I’m working for.
  2. Learn some knowledge I can use to improve my job position.
    I was considering JavaScript and node.js or python + Django.
    Which one would you prefer? Would you consider these choices appropriate? Could you also indicate some resources I can start from?
    Many thanks in advance
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Django is kind of… a lot. You might want to consider Flask, another popular Python web framework that happens to be used for a lot of Fedora things.

The python community can offer help on

It’s friendly like the Fedora community and lots of people are happy to mentor new users.

I’d recommend Ruby on Rails for this particular use case - Ruby is a very easy language to learn (in my opinion, even easier than Python).

The comments by others are all on target. Any direction (javascript or python or ruby) will take time but there are good tools and lots on online examples available.

If fortran is useful for your current work, you could always try While I starting writing Fortran programs in about 1981 I stopped in 1987 more or less so have zero experience with this particular framework.

As far as I can see, python is a popular choice. In my experience, a good community is a very important help, at least at the beginning. Do you think python would accomplish also to the point 2 of my question? In other words, would you recommend to start coding from python, and if necessary (if a company would require that), switch to JavaScript?

Yes python experience is useful when looking for employment.

I also know some sources for training :
Geeks For Geeks
W3 Schools
Stack overflow To ask questions and problems

I respect the opinion of Fedora community friends, but according to my little experience, I used PHP
It is better to start learning with books and pamphlets. There are many books for teaching in libraries. Websites deal with the topic superficially (usually).

Many many many thanks to all for your answers!!