Share your knowledge: Helpful resources for developing on Django

Hi all! The fedora-happiness-packets project is a Python Django project. Since many folks might be picking up Django for the first time or only have a little bit of experience, I thought this thread could be a place to share Django learning resources and other helpful pointers for folks working on fedora-happiness-packets.

Ever read an article that was really helpful? Find a walkthrough that made something easier to understand? Share a link to what helped you! I suggest including the following:

  1. :newspaper: Link to article / post / resource
  2. :question: Why was this resource helpful for you?

Hello Guys!
Hope you are doing good, Its my pleasure to share my learning path to Python Django Web Framework, To be honest before selecting the project “Fedora-Happiness-Packet”, I have only basic knowledge of Python but not familiar with Python Django Framework then I search for study resources to learn from beginning and I found this 2 resources and it’s very useful, the material is very well prepared and also language used is simple, easy to understand starting from complete beginning to Advanced Level with hand-on project so that concepts can be apply in real-projects, Here the links to resources:

This video will guide you to get started with django from beginning and I sure after watching this full video you get basic understanding of django and then you can go through this resource to deep dive into django(this is also from beginning) but this video is very useful for setting up Development Environment because its easy to grasp from video than from written material so I preferred this video once you completely watched this video then you can get better understanding from written material.

Please take a look at this Resources, I hope that you people found this useful!


I used to do a lot of freelancing which occasionally involved Django and also at one point of time I also used to teach Django. Here are some of the material I used to share with my students:

  1. The Django Girls Django Tutorial Useful for complete beginners to web development or MVC frameworks. Everything is explained in simple English.
  2. The official Django quick start guide. It covers the basic concepts in a compact 7 part tutorial.
  3. Django 2 By Example - Antonio Melé (ebook) covers mostl of Django use cases with examples for better understanding.

I could not provide the link to the e-book as Discourse limits the number of links I can include here (I understand this is spam protection but isn’t there a way to bypass this restriction for CLA+1 users?)


If you want an example of application that uses Django, postgresql and OIDC auth we have FPDC in the fedora infra GitHub organization.

The development environment is container based and is using podman instead of docker.


Hi everyone,

I am from Nigeria, West Africa. I am a beginner at open source projects. And quite passionate for web development/programming. My work on django were mainly personal until now but there are a number of them which are project-based. I also have a good knowledge of front-end development with javascript and react. In the next few days I hope to learn more about some django dependencies like redis and celery, and more indepth about django mvc and finally on continuous deployment. A material/ebook I like to recommend for a better understanding of django for beginners is You could read it free online. Address me as He/his/him.


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Been worked on Django for a long time, the best resource I would suggest to start is the Django Tutorials which @amitosh has already posted.

The best way to approach is to go through the tutorial and then start working on parts of Happiness Packets. When required you can always go back to official Django Documentation reference for more in-depth study.