Summer Coding 2019 applicants: Meet and greet + introductions!

Hi everyone! :wave: This thread is a place for anyone participating in Fedora’s Summer Coding projects (Outreachy and Google Summer of Code) to introduce themselves and say hello. This includes applicants, mentors, and program admins. :smile:

For applicants, tell us a bit about yourself! You can answer the following questions:

  1. :loudspeaker: What do you prefer to be called? Pronouns?
  2. :building_construction: What project you are interested in and why?
  3. :hammer_and_wrench: Favorite technology to work with?
  4. :open_book: What is something you want to learn more about this year?
  5. :information_source: A fun fact about yourself?

I thought this would be a fun way to get to know each other.

I’ll start. :wave: My name is Justin and I go by he/him pronouns. I first began contributing to Fedora in 2015. Currently, I volunteer time with the CommOps, diversity and inclusion, and Fedora Badges teams. In the past, I was a GSoC 2016 student with Fedora too. :fedora: Currently, I am a student in my final year of studies living in New York.

Together with Anxhelo, @bt0dotninja, and @jonatoni, we are mentoring for the fedora-happiness-packets. This project is a downstream fork of the mxsasha/happinesspackets project. Our fork adds integration to Fedora’s account system, so Fedora contributors can appreciate efforts of another contributor and earn badges for sending a thank-you note. We are looking for people interested in Python :snake: and Django, with some web development experience. Some of the things you might do include the following:

  1. Migrate fedora-happiness-packets to fedora-messaging framework
  2. Add advanced functionality with Fedora Account System integration (e.g. looking up a specific contributor by username)
  3. Maintain a forked project and submit contributions back to the upstream project
  4. Automate a series of Fedora Badges for people to receive when sending Happiness Packets
  5. Use Ansible configuration management to deploy the app in a standard way

Applicants, mentors, and admins, please introduce yourselves here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi guys! Hi Justin thank you for opening this introductory thread!
My name is Anh Pham. I’m from Vietnam but I am now living and studying in Vancouver. Just call me she/her/hers :blush:
I’m interested in the Fedora Happiness Packets simply because I love the seemingly simple yet extra meaningful value of the project!
I love working with JavaScript (ReactJS and NodeJS in particular) to make beautiful and effective web applications. I also enjoy Python and Django as I am still learning them on the go! Hope I can learn a ton about them while contributing to this project!
This year I am hoping to learn more about Python, Django as mentioned, also UI/UX design (because I really think I am not good at picking and making good designs and I want to change it!) and study more about Algorithms and Data Structures in general, to improve my problem-solving skills.
You can find me on IRC with the name anhpham99!
A fun fact about myself, hmm, i think it would be that I love discussing (and arguing) with people for many hours about my hobbies (this fact is not really unique I have to admit) like Games Of Thrones and Kpop and NBA etc. I am not that talkative but when it comes to those topics, I can ramble for hours :sunny: love them!
Nice to meet you guys! Hope to read everyone’s introductions too and hope we all will have fun participating in this project! Cheers!


Hi, My Name is Manas and i go by he/Him pronouns.My first contribution to fedora was in summer of 2018.
Currently i spend my time with the NeuroSig aka Neurofeodra team also maintain the Clr Linux kernel for Fedora(As featured on phoronix and other linux blogs).I am a CSE undergraduate student at the University of Mumbai.

I am interested in two different projects/ideas rn feodra_gooey_karma , change_management_tool

I am particularly interesting in working on the Change_management_tool and Gooey karma projects.As a packager i have seen lot of things not being tracked,people being out of the loop,the change management tool would be awesome to keep track of everything in a single place. The gooey karma project because again it aims at solving packaging problems and reporting it quickly/automatically to packagers also because i have a unhealthy love of making api’s .

Favorite Tech to work with is Python & C/C++ although golang is slipping in fast into that stack.Also Postgres is <3

This year i want to learn more about rather dive deeper into

  • Distributed Systems

  • GoLang

  • DevOps

I also have what people over on reddit call a homelab,which is basically a playground for me to experiment break,rebuild stuff albeit a expensive one.

My IRC/GitHub/FAS is : Pac23
Same username for my fedora email address.

The reason i want to do Gsoc with fedora is,back in 2018 i was a clean slate,but then folks over on the IRC Devel/Kernel/Neuro and mailing list were so helpful with everything and have guided/taught me,the fedora community is awesome and its time for me to officially give something back.


Hi guys,
My name is Geoffrey and i go by he/Him pronouns. I am from Kenya and am passionate in tech and open source projects. I have previously worked on the openMRS project as a volunteer.
I look forward to learning and interacting with you as we make the fedora-happiness-packets better and more fun to use.
My core competencies are back end programming with Java, Python and PHP and a bit of front end with ReactJs. Am excited to take on this challenge with you guys


Hey Fedorians,
my Name is Shresth and i go with he/him pronouns. I am from India. I started contributing to fedora last year for the Google Code In challenge and was also a finalist for fedora. Those two months were super awesome and in a very short period of time I was able to work on several projects and learn a trunk of new stuff from the mentors. I seriously miss that time! and this is how GSOC will allow me to relive those moments and even write some crazy code. I would like to work with the fedora app as I already started working on it during GCI. A fun fact about me My favorite past time is to think about how I can think to think about thinking. You can find me on the IRC with the nickname arash.
Programming languages that I really like C/C++/ Lisp
Programming languages that I get to work with Javascript, Python
Programming languages I wish I become expert in Go, Rust, Lisp
My forte: “Juggad” Frugal Innovation- A complimentary talent when you are an Indian
Things I like brainstorming about:

  • How to create a self improving autonomous AI living on a block chain
  • A cryptographic algorithm that is secure even if you have infinite computation
  • Disproving Riemann’s Hypothesis using philosophy.

Hello everyone!
My name is Vipul and I have been a part of Fedora for ~2+ years. I work for Red Hat and my team is called Community Platform Engineering.
It’s a team within Red Hat that includes members with a lot of responsibilities in Fedora (see here). I work on CentOS CI and help Fedora and CentOS contributors utilize CI infra.

Brian and I are mentoring the project “CentOS CI user front end”. The CentOS Project runs a public CI resource that is available to all infra and infra related open source projects to come and consume. The problem is that the signup process is very manual, both for the incoming user and the CICO admins. we would like to have a web application that handles the login, Account request, Admin approval, and OKD project creation (from a template) steps and also displays links to active CICO namespaces.
We are looking for people interested in Web development and a little knowledge of CI.
Please check idea page for more details and feel free to reach out to me in case of doubt or query. You can find me at @siddharthvipul on Freenode/telegram/twitter.


Hi everyone,
My name is Odinaka Joy and you can call me joy. I am from Nigeria and I newly joined this program.
While checking out the projects to contribute to, I came across this project ‘Fedora Happiness Packets’ and I was interested in it because it is a web application and the languages used are languages I am comfortable working with. On checking out the project, I realized I might have a few things to contribute because it is a simple but quite interesting application. I currently work with JavaScript and React and topping up Node and Python has been on my list.
So this year I aim to be good at Python programming with Django as a framework.
A fun fact about me is that I love solving difficult problems, it is funny but I feel satisfied once I solve a difficult case. It might not be fun to others but to me it is.
I am really glad to meet you guys and hope you will help me through and together we can build awesome things on this project.
Thank you


Hello Everyone!
My Self Zaid Kesarani and you can call me Zaid or simply He/Him :grin:. I am From India and I newly joined this Program and this is my first time in GSOC and also new to open source development.
I looking for some cool projects related to web development from different organizations and once come to Fedora and found this project ‘Fedora Happiness Packets’ and I found this Interesting as it is related to web development and used Languages are which I am Interested in. On checking out this project, I realized there are lots of things in which I might Contribute. I am 1st year Under graduating student aspiring Computer Engineering from Indian Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar. You can find me on IRC with the nickname zkesarani.

I have knowledge of C/C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Languages, and also completed projects based on this Languages. I hoping to learn more about Python and Django as I am still learning them on the go! Hope I can learn a ton about them while contributing to this project!. I hope GSOC give me this chance to Contribute on this Project. You can find me on github with username kowalskidev.

I also have experience in Graphics Designing, I love :heart_eyes: Designing Graphics like Logos, Banners, UI Elements for Web Applications.

I think I took to long :grin:…This is all about me…:grinning:


Hello Everyone,

My Name is Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez from Mexico and everyone can call me Beto or Alberto. My FAS (Fedora Account System) is @bt0dotninja , I contributed to the fedora project since 2017 in several teams like CommOps, Marketing, Fedora-Join and more.

Actually I’m helping mentoring the Fedora Happiness Packets project.

Feel free to ask me any question about the Fedora Project and Happiness Packets :wink:


It’s great to meet all the new (and old) folks here! :wave: Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.


Hi folks! :grin:

This is Shraddha and I go by she/her pronouns. I am a Web Developer, currently a second year university student in India and this is my first time contributing to Open Source. Extremely happy about the fact that my journey in FOSS is starting with Fedora! :partying_face:

I’m interested to contribute to fedora-happiness-packets. Now coming on why, the first thing that caught my eye was Django as well as knowledge about UI/UX when I was going through the list of projects on Outreachy. As both of those are right under my niche (more on that below), I positively believe I can bring value to the project. The second thing when I got to know as I got more acquainted with the project was that the purpose really resonated loudly with me. Appreciation is sparse to content creators world wide and if I can contribute in any small way to bridge that gap, count me in!

Favourite technologies to work with are:

  • Python - Love Python! And the community is awesome. PyCon India was a lovely experience.
  • Django - I am a Django enthusiast! I switched to it this December from Flask and there’s no going back!
  • UI/UX - I am big on creating beautiful interfaces that are a delight to interact with. I have created them only using HTML/CSS/JS but I plan to expand my range.

What I want to learn more about this year entails:

  • Django - I plan to know the ins and out of Djnago and create resourceful APIs in the process.
  • JavaScript - I want to master Vanilla JavaScript.
  • React - Want to know what all the hype is about.
  • Start a blog! As you might have already guessed (if you did make it this far :sweat_smile:) I love being verbose, especially about technical problems I’m facing! Would love to document it, should someone find it helpful! :blush:

A fun fact about me, apart from all that I rambled about above?

Apart from finding solutions through code, I love to learn/read about new intriguing things and you’ll often find me lost in my own bubble with earphones plugged in.

You can find me on platforms by the username ShraddhaAg.



So I’m not quite sure if I’m going to end up having time to do GSoC (Outreachy’s writing questions don’t seem that fun :eyes:), and if then whether I’ll be aiming Fedora or GTK+, but I figure I might as well do this anyway for the future. :grin:

:wave: My name is Ryan, and I go by he/him. I’ve been working with Linux for a pretty long time now, jumping Ubuntu 12.04 unfortunately to 14.04 to Elementary to Kubuntu to Arch and finally, Fedora Silverblue. You’ve probably seen me quite a bit around here by now, as well as the Fedora Discord if you’re there; I enjoy trying to help out others with any Linux troubles they may encounter.

On Fedora’s GSoC, I’m most interesting in the podman seccomp project, largely because I’m pretty invested in the container ideology and workflow at this point, or release-bot since I have some experience in GitHub bots (I wrote the systemd release announcement bot).

I really love to work with systemd (no I’m not joking), Python, C, and C++, GNOME-ish apps, Flatpak, Vue, Dart, and Flutter. (Sorry Electron, you suck.) This year, I’m really aiming to learn more about:

  • Rust (my limited exposure has been really enjoyable thus far).
  • Container internals.
  • BPF.

And fun fact…uhh…I guess that I’ve spent most of my free time in the last 5 years or so working with computers. I mean, who needs a date when you’ve got Fedora, right? Also, if you like flatpak-builder’s YAML manifests, you’re welcome (bizarrely enough, I didn’t quite expect it to become a popular alternative to the JSON manifests, and it was a relatively short PR given the amount of impact it’s had :eyes:).


Hello everyone! I am Sanjana Srivastava and I go by the pronouns she/her. I am an undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I am an Outreachy 2019 aspirant. :wave:
I came across the project fedora happiness packets and found it very interesting. I love the idea and application of it. I am comfortable in working with django, python, HTML, CSS and hence would love to contribute to this project.
I am fairly new to free and open source community and I want to work for and learn from this community as much as possible. I am looking forward to working with this community. :smile:


Hi! :smile:

My name is Ana and I go by she/her pronouns. I am an Outreachy applicant and a newbie in the Open Source world :smile:

I have worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Django in my private projects and would love to contribute to fedora-happiness-packets, collaborate with other contributers, learn from them and improve my coding skills while working on a bigger project like this one.

My favorite technology is Python which I used for data science and web development on private projects and in various online courses.

I would like to learn more about containers, Docker and CI while working on this project.

A fun fact about me is that beside coding and technology I like :dog2: and fiddling with sewing machines :smile:

I would love to work on this project during my Outreachy iternship. The idea that Fedora contributors can appreciate efforts of another contributor and earn badges for sending a thank-you notes sounds very nice.



Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Jona and I go by she/her pronouns. I have been part of the Fedora community since late 2014. Currently, I’m part of Diversity and Inclusion team, CommOps, Ambassadors and represent D&I team at Council. FAS username: jonatoni

Together with Bee, we were last year GSoC mentors for Happiness Packets, and this year I’m again mentoring for Outreachy and GSoC - with @jwf, @bt0dotninja and Anxhelo.

Feel free to ask any question related to Fedora Community and :fedora: Happiness Packets! :blue_heart:


Hi everyone!

I’m Amitosh. I have been with the Fedora community for around 2+ years. I work as a backend developer – mostly spending time designing microservices and working with Kubernetes.

This year I am mentoring for “Fedora App”.

I was a Google Summer of Code student for Fedora in 2018 and mentored in Google Code-In 2018.

You can find me as amitosh in IRC. Feel free to ask about the Fedora app.

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Hi guys, :smile:
my name is Marek. I would love to contribute to release-bot project. Firstly, it is a great tool, on other hands, I can learn a lot as I am quite new in the open source community and bot works directly with Github.

Most of my coding experiences come from times when I was working as a freelancer on android apps and later as a python developer. At the moment I am studying computer science and GSOC is a great opportunity for another life and career achievement. :fedora:

See you on issues discussions :grin::grin::grin:


Hi guys! :v:

I am Gagan Ganapathy, you can call me gagan, I am from India and am an web enthusiast and also love building utility applications mostly using javascript / python!

I was going through Fedora’s Project ideas for GSoC’19 and found “Improving Fedora Android App” and the “Release-bot” idea. I’d love to work on these projects and have a few ideas that I could work upon! Can you please suggest me how to proceed ?


I’m interested to learn more about contributing to Fedora and would like to discuss further on the same!

Thankyou! :smiley:


Hi @gaganganapathyas, welcome! :wave:

I believe @sumantrom, @siddharthvipul, or @amitosh could offer more pointers on how to get started with the Android app project proposal.

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