Fedora Summer Coding intern interviews publishing this week

Hi all, the CommOps + Diversity & Inclusion teams ran interviews with the selected students for Fedora’s Summer Coding 2019 programs. One article is scheduled every day this week at 08:00 UTC:

  1. Mon, 20 May: Introducing Fedora Summer Coding Class of Summer 2019
  2. Tue, 21 May: Manas and Marek: Improving Fedora release process
  3. Wed, 22 May: Alisha and Shraddha: Positive feedback loops in Fedora
  4. Thu, 23 May: Shaily and Zubin: Building CI pipelines and helping testers
  5. Fri, 24 May: Niharika and Divyansh: Improving modular packages and container security

Sorry for sneaking these in last minute without advance notice @bcotton. I forgot to give an earlier heads-up that I was planning to run these.

If an editor has time for a quick passover, I still appreciate it in case of any typos or mistakes. There was a lot of copy+pasting between articles for the interview template format.


cc: @shraddhaag @alishapapun @pac23 @marusinm


No worries, Justin. Thanks for doing all this work! I’ll give them a quick pass sometime today.

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They look good to me! Thanks again, @jwf!

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