Help us organize Fedora Week of Diversity 2024

Hi folks :wave:

We’ve started working on the Fedora Week of Diversity (FWD) 2024 and we’re searching for volunteers!

What: Fedora Week of Diversity highlights and celebrates the diverse members of open-source communities like Fedora and their contributions to their projects and community.
When: June 17-22, 2024. The online event will take place on June 21-22, and on the other days, we will publish interviews with our community members.

We have identified four main areas to help organize Fedora Week of Diversity:

  1. Event production
  2. Speaker management
  3. Content and promotion
  4. Design

We will be using GitLab to coordinate our work on FWD, and we have created a dedicated repository.

We are searching for leads to cover each area or volunteers who would like to work on smaller tasks. If you are interested in being part of the FWD organizing team, please reply to this thread and specify the area in which you are interested in helping. Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I would be happy to help


Hi @jonatoni, can a current Outreachy applicant volunteer to work on smaller tasks within the Content/Promotion and Design main areas? I’m very interested and would love to continue contributing even beyond the application phase.


I’d love to volunteer in areas of design and content creation to help make the event a success.
I’m open to both taking on lead roles with supervision and working on smaller tasks

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Hi @obazeeconsole! :wave: Yes, of course you can - super excited to have you as part of FWD! :tada: Regarding the Design, I would suggest writing a comment in this issue so you can sync with @ekidney, and she will help you assign specific tasks. For Content and Promotion, I recommend checking the tasks we have created in this repo and adding a comment on the issue you want to work on or asking for more details - @chris and I will assist you with it. And if you have any questions, feel free to ping me anytime! :blush:

Thanks, @chris, and excited to have you part of FWD! :tada: I have replied to you on GitLab regarding the Content creation, and we can sync there. For Design, Emma will get in touch with you on the GitLab issue where you have commented. I think we are good to go, and we can continue the work on GitLab. :clap:

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and guidance. I’ll get right into it and make sure to follow the instructions. Thanks once again.

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