Recap of Fedora Week of Diversity 2024 πŸŽ‰

Hi folks :wave:

With the end of FWD, I wanted to share some updates on how it went and some numbers. :partying_face:

  • 9 interviews were shared during FWD 2024 FWD 2024 Archives – Fedora Community Blog! Thank you Ankur Sinha, Roland Taylor, Robert Wright, Nikita Tripathi, Chris Idoko, Joseph Gayoso, Adrian Edwards, Roseline Bassey and Tosin Doreen for sharing your Fedora journey. :rocket: :clap:
  • A preview of what it is like being part of the Fedora community Thank you for being part of the video Chris Idoko :nigeria:, Amita Sharma :india:, Tosin Doreen :nigeria:, Roland Taylor :barbados:, Emma Kidney :ireland:, Samyak Jain :india:, Smera Goel :india:, Neal Gompa :us:, ClΓ©ment Verna :fr:, Miroslav SuchΓ½ :czech_republic:, Lenka Segura :es:, Michal KonečnΓ½ :czech_republic:, Dan ČermΓ‘k :de:, Roseline Bassey :nigeria:, Dennis Koerner :de:. :star_struck: :clap:
  • From the virtual event on Friday, June 21, we had 35 attendees on Matrix, 11 speakers, 6 sessions. :rocket:
  • Virtual event recordings Thanks to our speakers Apurva Bhide, Rajan Shah, Mohammadreza Hendiani, Fernando Mancera, Deepesha Burse, Benny Vasquez, Vipul Siddharth, Shuchi Sharma, Amita Sharma and
    Justin W. Flory for the great content we had during the event! :clap: :star2:

Thank you to everyone who helped make Fedora Week of Diversity possible! :blue_heart: :tada:
Your participation and contributions made this event truly special and memorable.

A big thank you also goes to the organizing team :clap: :clap: :clap: @chris, @ekidney, @roseline-bassey, @tosindoreen, @moralcode, @joseph, @obazeeconsole, @amsharma, @nekonya3, @jflory7 - you all are amazing :heart_eyes: & thank you for your great work. :pray:


Thanks @jonatoni for the amazing leadership in organizing the Fedora Week of Diversity. It was really insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed all the elements of it and thanks for giving me the opportunity to organize the panel - It was a great pleasure to conduct it.