I'm a beginner. Help me

Nice to meet you. I have installed Fedora as my first Linux.

I have a few things I want to do, but I don’t know what software is available. Please help me.

I want to make a website. what is a good free software to make a website with GUI?

I’m looking for a free software to mine bitcoins. What do you recommend?
I want it to be light. It can be CUI software if it is easy to use.

Thanks for reading.

Check out the Software app (sort of an App store) to see what’s available.
Anything you find on Flathub - Apps for Linux is also just one click away.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to add the RPMFusion software repository (store) to include some most-wanted stuff like multimedia codecs, drivers, and apps. Configuration - RPM Fusion

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@rhek9959 nice to meet you too. Welcome by ask.fedora.

I’m a beginner. Help me

Could you bee more precise with your question(s)?

A good idea would be google first and look around what it has in general. Especially opensource software you will find for almost all operating systems.

When you know a Software name then search first with the spyglass about it (top right corner).
If the search not gives you an answer you like, just make a new request and put the software name in the title of your request.

It is better to create a view small requests than to produce a monster one.

So we not get heaps of same questions and the admins have less to do to make order.
Have a nice Fedora day :wink:


Are you familiar with any programming language? To create a web UI, you can use a framework like Django. To create a CLI program, there are compilers and interpreters for many programming languages on Fedora repositories, so you can pick the one you know and start building there.

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I guess depending on the user’s requirements one can also just deploy something like Wordpress :thinking:


Why don’t you use Wordpress? It is stable and flexible. thousands of customizations available?

This may be your opinion, but I wouldn’t say so—it really isn’t any different from other distributions. The workstation even includes third party repositories to make installing things easier. The DEs are exactly the same even. So, I really don’t see what makes Fedora more difficult than other distros.

Maybe we should stay on topic and help the poster with their queries. :slight_smile:

Categorisation on Distrowatch is hardly an objective measure of ease of use. I can’t even find what the categories are based on—user surveys? over what release/time period?

Anyway, let’s just stick to the topic. Someone’s come here asking for help, so we should answer their queries. Asking them to try another distro is not quite answering their queries.

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