Spell checker for Docs

What spell checker/package do you use when you work with documentation tool such as Asciidoc FX or any text editors? What’s your experience with enchant or aspell?


Currently, I use LanguageTool. It’s quite accurate, but only works in a Browser of inside MS Office. Otherwise, there is an editor, where you can copy & paste your text back and forth. This is then quite time-consuming. Do you know a solution for AsciidocFX?

I can’t live without gedit to write manuscript and quick guide. I found gedit plugins for Asciiidoc to try out.

My workflow looks like;

  1. New document
  • Write in gedit
  • Run built-in gedit spellchecker:
  • Markup draft in asciidoc, assisted by gedit syntax highlighting (natively supported for asciidoc)
  • Upload it to gitlab for rendering in Web IDE for final check (just to avoid cut and paste)
  1. Quick edit of existing document: directly in Web IDE

I just need to get used to mark up my manuscript in asciidoc before I upload a draft to gitlab. I think this workflow fits in quite well working with Web IDE.

I haven’t tried Asciidoc fx editor.

Edited: gedit uses Enchant

I use VSCode with the Asciidoc plugin. You get the benefit of built in spell checking at well as syntax highlighting from the plug-in and the plug-in also does live rendering in a separate preview pane so you can always see source and the rendered page side by side. By default the plug-in renders the preview using some default CSS but if you want to go all in you can link it to the Fedora docs CSS so it renders pretty close to what a full build would look like.

It’s quite handy to run VSCode for the workflow and all-inclusive features.
I turned to simplicity of text editor last year. It is hard to change habit once you got used to.:slight_smile: