Some videos on Firefox play in low fps

Youtube works fine, but for some other videos, Firefox plays them in very low fps.
Am I the only one experiencing this? Is there a way around it?

I think this is not Fedora specific, more a problem of your internet connection. Even if your provider advertise you a fast internet, in the end it depends with how many user you have to share the bandwidth to the Internet.
So on times with a lot of people online the bandwidth can drop drastically. Even if you check with speediest, it just tells you the speed to the server before you get to the internet if the provider has a own server.

Youtube plays fine so I doubt that it’s the internet…

You may want to check here,

Hi James - the Firefox Hardware Acceleration links above are definitely helpful in general, but one thing I didn’t see noted is that I needed to install ffmpeg-libs on my laptop to solve the exact situation you described (YouTube was fine, almost all other web video was low FPS) even though I have an Nvidia card and am using the proprietary Nvidia drivers. Most resources I’ve found so far seem to imply that it shouldn’t be necessary in my situation, but nothing else had worked, and as soon as I installed ffmpeg-libs, I was good to go.

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