YouTube videos have small temporary freezes on Firefox


When I’m watching YouTube videos on Firefox, I often get small freezes of the video with the sound working well and the subtitles also. It can repeat every 5-10 seconds and other times it does not happen over 30-60 seconds. (or more, I’m not truly using a timer of course)

Did not see this bug on Odysee nor on Chromium.


Not yet known.

FireFox did not have this issue this computer when I used Artix Linux (Arch-based) and Pop OS.

Makes me think of garbage collector behaviors but Firefox is written in Rust, it does not make sense.

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I have the same issue on my Fedora 38, Firefox and Wayland.

Same here. ISP and LAN tested for issues - all is fine, only couple of Linux computers (including F38 box) are having this problem. It started in ~second half of August, after the upgrade within F38 line of upgrades. At the time couldn’t find more people having same/similar issues and thought that’s me unlucky.

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I experienced something similar after I installed the Fedora 38.
The issue maybe was after I installed unnecessary mesa drivers from RPMFusion (Howto/Multimedia - RPM Fusion).
In the end of day I kept the mesa-va-drivers and only installed mesa-vdpau-drivers-freeworld.
Of course not the i686 version (used in the 32bits blatforms).