Fedora 39 Crash While Watching Youtube in Firefox?

I’ve been using Fedora now for awhile and I am pretty happy with it overall, but recently a new issue has popped up where my whole system will hang (all video frozen, mouse and keyboard don’t respond, numlock is stuck etc.) When I am working on something and have youtube videos playing in the background in firefox. The crashes appear to be more or less random, and the only common denominator I see between the crashes is having youtube on. When I am watching a video in e.g. VLC (which I tend to do about as often as watching videos on youtube) I have not encountered a crash.

Kernel: 6.8.7-200.fc39.x86_64
CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X
GPU: Intel Arc A750
RAM: 64 GB Corsair DDR4 3200
Motherboard: MSI MEG X570 Unify
OS SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 1TB (I believe some of the drives in this family had a firmware issue that was causing data corruption. I checked the SMART stats using smartctl and no errors were reported, but maybe I am missing something here?)

Please let me know if any other hardware information is needed to help troubleshoot this.

What I have tried so far:

I had two GPUs installed previously (The other was an EVGA RTX2060 that I would use for VM passthrough) but I removed that in case it was causing instability.

I also ran Memtest86 to make sure the RAM is not malfunctioning, and no errors were found there.

Processor Temperatures are around 40C-60C depending on what I am doing.

I have made sure everything is updated (besides upgrading to FC40).

Journalctl --boot=-1 does not appear to log anything around the time of the hang, although the last log I have seen each time is from the dnf-makecache.service which appears to be checking for updates, but that seems to run and finish several minutes before the system hangs.

I do not know if there are other logs I would be able to check.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know what other troubleshooting steps to take to try and isolate the issue. The crashing appears to be totally random, and it is very intermittent, (every 1 to 3 days maybe).

Edit: I have switched to using brave instead of firefox for the past few days, and although I haven’t encountered a system hang of the same type, earlier today I returned to my computer after stepping away for a few minutes to find the screens black and I couldn’t get them to wake up. Unlike the system hangs in the past, when I pressed num lock or caps lock on my keyboard the lights would light on and off, and I could use the DPI switch on my mouse and see the lights change for the different profiles. Since I couldn’t get a response out of the machine though, I pressed the power button, and it immediately powered off without me needing to hold the power button. Only other things I can think to try at this point are:

  1. Fresh install of Fedora
  2. New SSD (although mine doesn’t report any errors, I got similar odd behavior on a different machine that had the same model of drive, although that one actually did report SMART errors)
  3. Switch out the GPU

I am not going to have time to fiddle with this for the next week or two unfortunately, but I will update if I make any headway.

Added amd, firefox

I am using Fedora 39 Gnome on a Dell Inspiron with Intel Celeron N3060 CPU and Intel HD Graphics 400 GPU.
I have installed RPM Fusion codecs and Intel drivers for enabling VAAPI (but it works only with H264 videos, doesn’t work for AV1 or VP9)

From time to time Firefox crashes while playing videos, I can’t say if it was Youtube or any video. Firefox hangs and something pop-ups saying the applications doesn’t respond and “wait” or “close”. I close Firefox and when I re-open it, it comes up with the previous tabs.

The rest of system doesn’t seem affected in any way.
Nothing in the error log.

I think the crashes are related to the “stop-back-forth” in the detached video window. They could also be related to some other application doing something on x-wayland, like GIMP.

I think I am going to try a fresh install of Fedora. It’s a pain, but I know intel has been tweaking their drivers a lot, and maybe something got borked along the way, especially since I had two GPUs in the system. If I still get hangs after a fresh install with just the intel GPU, then I will switch out to my old nvidia card. If it still hangs after that I am going to be very sad.