Some flatpak GTK apps look condensed in Silverblue

Some GTK flatpak apps look really strange on Fedora Silverblue. This is the case on several PCs in our home, and it’s been like this for over a year now.


The examples above are from the “Secrets” app, but this happens in many other apps too. I am not using a custom theme, just the “Adwaita-dark” flatpak version.

Any ideas?

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Do you have gnome-tweaks available on Silverblue?

If yes check there for Appearance and see what you have set by “Legacy Applications”
In your case there you can put “Adwaita-dark”

Secrets is a modern libadwaita based app.
Try removing GTK CSS files if any:

gio trash ~/.config/gtk-*/*.css

You may need to relogin to apply changes.

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I installed gnome-tweaks with rpm-ostree and set the legacy theme, but it changed nothing. Apparently the problem is with newer apps using libadwaita, not older ones.

I tried, but I don’t appear to have any .css files in those folders. Do you think there any other legacy .css files I should try?

Try creating a new user with default profile settings to isolate the issue.

Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it. I created a new user, the issue persists.

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