Desktop themes in Silverblue are frustrating

Hi. I am generally very happy with Fedora Silverblue since I made the switch in F34, except for applying uniform themes. I hate Adwaita, so I always adopt another desktop theme. But with Silverblue this proves to be quite difficult. With themes I download and install I never get a uniform look. Some gnome apps seem hardcoded to Adwaita (like Extensions, for example). The best general theme I get to cover the most is Arc, but even Arc requires some work. For example, if I install Flatpack’s version of Geary it uses Arc, but not Geary’s Fedora Flatpack version.
I suppose it has to do with administrative permissions. So, is there any sure way to apply themes in a universal manner for Silverblue?
Thanks in advance for any response/suggestion.

Did you install your theme in to /var/home ?

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I suppose the answer would be no, because I installed almost all themes using os-tree. The only exception would be Qogir, which I did install in /var/home/.themes. The behavior seems the same, however.

Did you see that :
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This might explains some behavior

If you’re using flatpak applications you need to install it with flatpak as well.

If it’s not available in flatpak you would need to use an override to allow access to the theme directory (system or user)

I’ve also had to override env to set the gtk-theme env variable.

Thanks. I am looking at it.

Yes, most of my apps are from flatpack. Most of my issues are with Gnome 40 apps, however.