Messed up theme after installing adw-gtk3

Hi, I was trying to get a more uniform look in Fedora Silverblue 39 following this and also installed adwaita-qt5 adwaita-qt6 mingw64-adwaita-qt5 mingw64-adwaita-qt6, but it didn’t work: now I’ve got some applications with the dark theme -that I want- and others with the light one. Even changing theme per app doesn’t work anymore; if I try to select the dark theme in libreoffice nothing changes, but in other applications, for example Gnome Text Editor, the content of the window switches to dark but the decoration remains light.
I tried to rollback but the problem is still there and every new flatpak I install is in light mode now.
I don’t know if it means something but also creating a new user this behaviour persists.
I could really use some help.

Try this:

I do not know if this works on Silverblue … but give it a try to execute the command in terminal.

:exclamation: I might have to add this information :exclamation:

If someone is using a immutable Workstation as Silverblue and just wants to reset display errors caused by Theming it is a good idea first just resetting the flatpak override behavior like:

sudo flatpak override --reset (full explanation see answers below)

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/ #reset gnome-desktop to default settings (same as creating new user)

LOL! Now I lost all my settings and the problem is still there.
It seems something is missing about theming. But I don’t get it: Gnome Text Editor should be a gtk4 app and Tweaks should be gtk3; well, Tweaks is right themed while GTE is not but other gtk4 apps, e.g. Settings, are diplayed the right way. Any thoughts?

Yeah, sorry, you definitely didn’t need to do that. If it happens with a fresh user account, it can’t be anything in your user settings.

Is GNOME Text Editor installed as a flatpak or RPM? If it’s a flatpak, please share the output of flatpak info -M org.gnome.TextEditor. Also, it shouldn’t matter, but is it from Flathub or the Fedora remote?

On Gnome Text Editor is follow system style selected?

Here’s the output:

flatpak info -M org.gnome.TextEditor

[Session Bus Policy]


On Gnome Text Editor is follow system style selected?

Sure it is. But even if I switch to dark nothing changes. The only difference is when I set it to light the content of the window is consistent with the decoration.

Fedora remote, sorry

Follow @chrisawi post below this one.

That’s probably the issue right there. GTK_THEME is meant as a debugging tool, and normally shouldn’t be set.

It must have been set as a system override if it affects multiple users, so it won’t be visible in Flatseal. I’m guessing it was set globally. If so, it’ll appear in flatpak override --show. If not, append org.gnome.TextEditor to that. Wherever it appears, you can use:

sudo flatpak override --reset

to remove it (or --unset-env=GTK_THEME), again adding the app id if it’s not a global override.

worked perfectly. Now everything is back to normal.
Thank you very much!

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Uups sorry, I somehow overlooked the fact about the new created user. I mad an addition to the topic I mentioned above, before resetting with dconf just override the Flatpak behaviour.