[software installation] salome needs libpthread

I am trying to install the fea platform SALOME (french) in fedora 35. In their Documentation the developers and some users wrote they tested it on Ubuntu. This software has following dependencies:

In the first step of the installation, which is done by a python script, it blocks at:
checking for libpthread.so no
.a no
checking for libdl.so no
.a no
I think I have performed all the dependencies for the installation before (gcc,python,cmake,glibc,zlib and -devel…).
In addition when I execute:
sudo dnf repoquery --whatrequires libpthread.so
it does not output anything (last metadata expiration check: hh:mm:ss
Does it mean that the check for compiler/package is wrong or that the package is really missing?
In an alternative the SALOME user writes there is a link for Docker use but I am not sure it is the best with my system (I have Debian and run fedora as a virtual machine).
Thank for the reading (I will see the last idea on docker)

Hi, I just check on https://www.salome-platform.org/downloads/current-version look like the last version for Fedora Linux was Fedora 32.

For Linux universal binary version, it also still using libc 2.17. I believe F35 already on different version.

I’m not sure, but I believe this that causing the problem.

Btw, you can find libpthread.so and libdl.so in directory /lib64.

You should report a bug to SALOME, as their checks are broken. One should not look for libpthread.so directly, but pass the -pthread flag to gcc and let it determine what to link itself.

With the latest version of glibc (which is in Fedora 35), there is no need for separate linkage of pthreads and libpthread.so does not exist: The GNU C Library version 2.34 is now available