Fedora 35 - Missing library libsvml.so

In the current version of Fedora 35 I noticed that library libsvml.so is missing and this issue breaks some applications. It is supposed to be installed with:


and it is mentioned in the files list but it is not installed. Applications which use this dependency no longer run e.g. celluloid, guvcview.

You might search through the Fedora repos and see if it’s in updates testing to see if it’s not made to the main repo yet.

There’s no such dependency for the RPM Fusion packages:

on this site you can download the missing…
You could file a bug on https://bugzilla.redhat.com/index.cgi

I could file a bug but to my experience it would most probably going to be ignored. So, I wrote this post in case someone has the same problem.

And yet they need this library to run!

Bug reports are not ignored. If you want you could put your email address on the report and you will receive ongoing posts between developers with regard to the bug.