Social scientists using Fedora – gather interests & resources?

Dear fellow Fedora users and contributors,

I would love to interact more systematically with Fedora folks who are interested in social science, including, but not limited to, social science software. I am keen to think about what it would take to make Fedora workstation a more promising distribution for social scientists to use.

Anybody interested in co-thinking? Looking forward to your thoughts…


Hi Ingmar,

That’s a great idea. I’m open to any collaboration. However, I have myself no additional need for specific software on Fedora, although I am open to support it. Do you have already requirements/objectives to tackle/achieve in mind? Social sciences about Fedora/Linux/technology or on Fedora/Linux/technology? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to collaborations!


I will also think a bit about ideas, concepts, approaches in the coming days. Especially what we could contribute to the research of socio-technical systems/societies (which seems to be a focus for both of us).


I think an easy way to create historical/statistical maps would help.

I don’t have much time to spare, but as an ex-social scientist, I’m definitely interested in this. Documenting the apps that are available as well as any gaps would be really useful.