Ask.Fedora Survey about Fedora Docs

Yesterday, after the Docs meeting, there was another interesting discussion in the Docs matrix channel between @pboy and @likeanushkaa , partly about a survey related to Fedora Docs, to gather external incentives and perceptions about the Docs.

We have previously already talked about using the symbiosis between ask.fedora and Fedora Docs and how experiences of one can be transferred to the other.

From that point of view, @likeanushkaa and @pboy , what do you think about making your survey at ask.fedora ? This would be easy to implement, and presents the survey to a lot of Fedora users beyond the active contributors. This includes many users who do not use the Docs as much as it would be possible before they put forward their problems at ask.fedora.

Unfortunately, I was not deeply involved in the issue @likeanushkaa is currently tackling, so excuse if my interpretation misses your intentions, but given what I read yesterday, I thought it makes sense to put it into discussion.

If that makes sense, feel free to elaborate your intentions to the ask.fedora people here (such as @dalto @augenauf ) so that they also know what this is about.