Social scientists using Fedora – gather interests & resources?

Hi, in terms of structuring the conversation, I like to invite you to provide feedback to a draft formulation for the vision of a SIG social science. With vision, I refer to a kind of more or less humble “big picture” that we hope to achieve.

Is that something you would identify with?

Anthropologist here! o/

Very interesting this discussion. I want to contribute too.

In my experience, I used Fedora to make my work. I used libreoffice, browser, app to notes (gedit). I think something I was missing was some kinship/genealogy software.

Currently I work with software development, but I continue to produce for anthropology.

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Welcome @yzakius to this community!

Re genealogy software - did you note Gramps? Gramps – Free Genealogy Software It should be available in the Fedora repo.

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The contributors of this thread might be interested in @vwbusguy 's thoughts in Fedora 2025 strategy: Improving Fedora mindshare in the Linux ecosystem - #3 by vwbusguy - Fedora Discussion

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Hi @ingli

I would be really happy to join the Science SIG :slight_smile:
@py0xc3 @josephdg We have been discussing about sustanibility. Which efforts etc.



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@josephdg from KDE is to focus on tools that evaluate and determine efficiency and consumption, including statistics. It refers to the KDE Eco project. I thought it makes sense to put this at the SIG. Maybe it wakes up again :wink:

@josephdg maybe you can make a more precise point about the needs/goals.

Hi all,

I started creating a list on our wiki page on the diverse software needs which social scientists might have.


Hi @ingli

Awesome great! :slight_smile:

If social science can prove that open source sustainability should be solved at the government level, I would be interested to hear what it is all about.

If social science studies well-being of people, their ability to survive and participate in creating balanced and sustainable systems, then I will be interested to provide feedback.

If it can reveal harmful trends and visualize them to make accessible and actionable, providing funding and building capacity for solving pressing problems that haunt the planet, because of inherent properties of humans, then i will be interested to participate.

Hi @ingli
Psychologist working as an academic. Good initiative…
I would love to join the SIG.

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Welcome @sameer! Do consider yourself as a member of the SIG, as we are not having a structured process for members at the moment. Please do have a look at SIGs/SocialScience - Fedora Project Wiki as a place in which we collect what is going on, what we have found…


Dear @abitrolly, I am in no authority to speak for all of social science, but from my perspective let me attempt to briefly react to your points.

ad 1, no scientific field can plausibly claim it offers prove for any normative claim.

ad 2, social science is much broader. Do follow the link above to the sustainability discussion to add your thoughts & feedback, I suggest.

ad 3, some social science indeed detects, communicates and problematises harmful trends, e.g. Jorgenson, A. K., & Clark, B. (2011). Societies consuming nature or Thomas et al. (2018). Explaining differential vulnerability to climate change. Across different countries, the funding for and from social science is highly diverse. I am quite sceptical about social sciences that sets out from defining ‘inherent properties of humans’. I do recognise, other social scientists, however, might be positioned to start from such ontology.

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@sameer I just added you :wink: Welcome.



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