Social scientists using Fedora – gather interests & resources?

Hi, in terms of structuring the conversation, I like to invite you to provide feedback to a draft formulation for the vision of a SIG social science. With vision, I refer to a kind of more or less humble “big picture” that we hope to achieve.

Is that something you would identify with?

Anthropologist here! o/

Very interesting this discussion. I want to contribute too.

In my experience, I used Fedora to make my work. I used libreoffice, browser, app to notes (gedit). I think something I was missing was some kinship/genealogy software.

Currently I work with software development, but I continue to produce for anthropology.

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Welcome @yzakius to this community!

Re genealogy software - did you note Gramps? Gramps – Free Genealogy Software It should be available in the Fedora repo.

The contributors of this thread might be interested in @vwbusguy 's thoughts in Fedora 2025 strategy: Improving Fedora mindshare in the Linux ecosystem - #3 by vwbusguy

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Hi @ingli

I would be really happy to join the Science SIG :slight_smile:
@py0xc3 @josephdg We have been discussing about sustanibility. Which efforts etc.



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@josephdg from KDE is to focus on tools that evaluate and determine efficiency and consumption, including statistics. It refers to the KDE Eco project. I thought it makes sense to put this at the SIG. Maybe it wakes up again :wink:

@josephdg maybe you can make a more precise point about the needs/goals.

Hi all,

I started creating a list on our wiki page on the diverse software needs which social scientists might have.

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Hi @ingli

Awesome great! :slight_smile: