Social media plan?

Thanks @x3mboy for kicking this off here! I’d like to bring up the social media proposal @bproffit brought to the mindshare mailing list before the holiday break. Here’s the hackmd proposal:

Does this fit under your vision for an revived Marketing team, @x3mboy?

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Yes, this is part of what I think of the new marketing team! I read the document when it was shared, and I’m totally agreed with it, and I think the tactics offered are very important:

  • Have a Voice
  • Crafting Your Tweets
  • Share Images Too!
  • Make Targeted Connections
  • Tips and Tricks

I hope this email/discussion can move over and the ownership/management of the twitter account could be clarified and more people can voice their amazing Fedora stuff in the Twitter account.


I’m still wondering what are the next steps here?

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Right now, it seems that a team consisting of you, @siddharthvipul1, Ben Cotton, Matthew Miller, Justin Flory, and myself would be a good start to manage the Fedora account, based on the guidelines set above.

The easiest way would be to create a schedule of who is watching the account when, and then I think I can add folks to the Tweetdeck manager of the Fedora account (Edurardo and Vipul, I could use your Twitter handles).

Sound good?


Any chance we could consider a Fediverse presence? It can start with a Mastodon account that just gets cross-posts from Twitter.

GNOME, KDE, Debian and IIRC openSUSE are already there


In general, I don’t like that approach for two reasons:

  1. Platform-native things (polls, @ mentions, etc) don’t translate
  2. Post-only accounts don’t engage with the community and so provide limited value.

This isn’t to say outright “we must not do it.” It’s more “I will not endorse this but if someone really wants to drive it, I’ll stay out of the way.” I manage the social media for the SeaGL conference, which is fairly strong in let’s-use-floss principles (with some notable exceptions), and our audience on Mastodon is a small fraction of what we have on Twitter. And most people who are on Mastodon seem to also be on Twitter, so we’re gaining almost nothing from being there. :slight_smile:

In general, I’d rather us have a strong presence in fewer places than a weaker presence in many places.

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I am happy to continue supporting with Twitter accounts and the @fedoranews Telegram channel. I currently have access to @fedora and @fedoracommunity via Tweetdeck.

Admittedly I do not have a lot of bandwidth at the present moment to take scheduled shifts to monitor the social media accounts. But I generally keep an eye on what the accounts have retweeted or posted before posting. If it is not an issue, I’d like to maintain my access for the three accounts I have because I do feel like my sporadic but consistent contributions there are helpful, particularly in signal-boosting activity from regional/local meetup chapters like Fedora México.

I skimmed the social media plan and it seems like a good step forward to me. If there are actions I can take to facilitate this or share any historical knowledge of our social media accounts circa ~2017, I am happy to do so. My caveat is I do not have much capacity right now to take on large chunks of work for rebooting our social media and marketing presence.

Thanks to the folks driving this effort forward, it is very much needed! :pray:

I have a watchlist of people and accounts I care about on Twitter, and generally refuse to use it otherwise. So not sure if I count as “also on Twitter”.

Agreed that crossposting can be a bad experience - left unmentioned is that if the post @-mention other accounts, that’s lost in translation (and can point to the wrong accounts entirely!)

What would a minimum viable presence (pun intended) on Mastodon look like? What I have in mind that could work is

  • get several people to commit to do it
  • posts on the Fedora Twitter get reposted by hand by these people (probably with a rotation so we don’t miss posts / duplicate them)

Should replies from the community get responded to by everyone interested in Mastodon, or should we have “official” replies from the project account?

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It’s a bit unfair for people like me. I used to have a Twitter account but I was forced to provide a phone number because I was using Tutanota. At that time, I didn’t have a phone number so there wasn’t much I could’ve done. My account was banned afterwards. I contacted Twitter and they told me that I broke the ToS without explaining why. I then created a new account with and everything went fine until I followed the Tor Project and Edward Snowden; I was, again, forced to provide a number afterwards.

That said, I do understand your concern, but at the end of the day, Mastodon is helpful for people that don’t want to or, more importantly, cannot use Twitter. The fact that we are forced to provide a phone number when we don’t use a popular email provider and/or follow privacy activists is a really big problem.

Just do keep in mind that I’m not asking to create a Mastodon account. What you said completely makes sense, so there’s not reason to go against it. I just wanted to get things off my chest. Maybe the policies have changed and Twitter won’t force me to provide a number anymore, but I can’t forgive Twitter for the poor management.

I think it would be easier if we can find tools that facilitate permissions and access. Do you know if there are any tools like Tweetdeck but for Mastodon? Are there more effective ways at giving and sharing access without distributing an email and password login?

I will be more than happy to help. I already have access to tweetdeck, my handler is x3mlinux.

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I can cover mastodon but we need to set in what mastodon instance to create the new account (I use for my account), because I don’t think that create and maintain a mastodon instance is something we want to do in the project. In terms of tools, now there is no web client like tweetdeck, but maybe we can do something with the API


Oh, agreed that we definitely shouldn’t start by running our own instance.

Fosstodon or both seem appropriate. I’m on the latter (as is GNOME), but the former is larger.

As for shared logins… good question, let me check


I’m asking around, will report back!

The easiest way would be to create a schedule of who is watching the account when, and then I think I can add folks to the Tweetdeck manager of the Fedora account (Edurardo and Vipul, I could use your Twitter handles).

I would be happy to help, and can keep an eye in the early EU hours.
My twitter id is SiddharthVipul

so this seems decent:

we’d need a github repo, but the API key is stored in GitHub’s secrets storage so only the repo admin can see it.

Or, we just create a separate app key for everyone who needs to manage this account: toot-together/ at master · joschi/toot-together · GitHub

I am also active on Mastodon and would love to comaintain the Fedora account there.

I think we can even start with simple reposting Fedora Magazine and Community Blog articles.

I use Mastodon a lot like replacement for the RSS feed, and there are several bots posting news from various sources, like Hacker News or Deutsche Welle and so on.

There is also an unofficial bot Fedora Magazine ( - which posts Fedora Magazine articles with 130 subscribers, but I think doing it under the more official name would be better.

I would consider using instance as a base at least at the beginning. Maybe also sponsoring the admin of the instance. And then if we run it successfully over a reasonable time, we can always switch to a new server.

There are companies providing Mastodon as a hosted service too, if we would need one.

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Hi folks,

Would it be possible to ensure the Marketing Social Networks wiki page is up to date as part of these efforts? It would be helpful to get an understanding of where/who is active currently, as well. Although I see we are planning to focus on a couple platforms to start, it would be nice to connect with the admins of these accounts to let them know there is some renewed effort around Fedora’s social media presence. Hopefully we can easily spread the efforts we put into Twitter/Mastodon to our other networks.

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Yes, I will be working on that next week


Hi @x3mboy wondering if you were able to work on making sure the Marketing Social Networks page is up to date? No worries if not, I am just working on something tangentially related (Moderation Guidelines [0]) and I might be able to pitch in.


[0] Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #392: Fedora Moderation Guidelines

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