Social media plan?

Thanks @x3mboy for kicking this off here! I’d like to bring up the social media proposal @bproffit brought to the mindshare mailing list before the holiday break. Here’s the hackmd proposal:

Does this fit under your vision for an revived Marketing team, @x3mboy?

Yes, this is part of what I think of the new marketing team! I read the document when it was shared, and I’m totally agreed with it, and I think the tactics offered are very important:

  • Have a Voice
  • Crafting Your Tweets
  • Share Images Too!
  • Make Targeted Connections
  • Tips and Tricks

I hope this email/discussion can move over and the ownership/management of the twitter account could be clarified and more people can voice their amazing Fedora stuff in the Twitter account.


I’m still wondering what are the next steps here?

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