SMB mounts' files in Dolphin not opening properly


In my new Fedora 37 with KDE installation, I’m not able to open video files with mpv from an SMB mount by double clicking. However, if I open the Dophin terminal panel and type mpv video.mp4, it opens as expected. I’ve also noticed that I’m not able to drag and drop files into Firefox from SMB mounts either.

From the bit of reading I’ve done, I believe kio-fuse is supposed to handle translating smb://... to /run/user/..., but that doesn’t appear to be happening for some reason. I have verified that kio-fuse is installed and is running (at least according to ps and systemctl).

Interestingly enough, when I navigate around with the terminal pane open, I do see the cd /run/user/... commands running.

What should I check next? Has anyone experienced this before?