Dolphin inoperative after update


I’m using Fedora 30 KDE spin, it was fine until I downloaded updates this morning, now everything I try in Dolphin produces this error:

Unable to create io-slave. klauncher said: Error loading ‘/usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/’.

I’ve seen 1 post claiming to have resolved this in 2010 by enlarging filesystems or somesuch but I don’t trust it because I’ve been using fedora for years and never encountered the problem before this update.

This is a high-spec system with a 1TB M2 drive and standard installation (so no shortage of disk space) with LUKS (in case that’s relevant) and everything was fine before this update.

It seems to me to be a bug, can you help please, I need to get at my files?

Hi @jumpingjack

try running this command dbus-launch dolphin or just reboot your pc or log out and log in. It is what i found out with google and look likes it solve the issue.


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