Fedora 40 - Dolphin not starting after Update to 40

Hello folks :slight_smile:

I have a slightly serious problem after upgrading my fedora 39 workstation to 40.

Starting the dolphin file manager via KDE does not work at all, without any notification or error. starting dolphin via terminal though gives me the following error:

dolphin: symbol lookup error: /lib64/libKF6KCMUtils.so.6: undefined symbol: _ZN32KCategorizedSortFilterProxyModel16staticMetaObjectE

Reinstalling the dolphin packages did not bring any solution. What I find strange is that if I search dnf for the corresponding package that throws the error (in this case kf6-kcmutils) I get following output:

$ sudo dnf search kf6-kcmutils-6.1.0-1.fc40.x86_64
Last metadata expiration check: 0:05:14 ago on Fr 26 Apr 2024 13:54:40 CEST.
No matches found.

Listing via dnf shows the package:

dome@dome-pc:~$ sudo dnf list kf6-kcmutils-6.1.0-1.fc40*
Last metadata expiration check: 0:25:31 ago on Fr 26 Apr 2024 13:54:40 CEST.
Installed Packages
kf6-kcmutils.x86_64                                                   6.1.0-1.fc40                                                   @updates
Available Packages
kf6-kcmutils.i686                                                     6.1.0-1.fc40                                                   updates 

Reinstall of package f6-kcmutils-6.1.0-1.fc40.x86_64 also works fine, but the error persists.

What can I do here? Is this just something i need to wait for an update?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, fixed.

Got totally mislead by the error. Apparently Telegram Desktop package was sitting on old qt6-qtbase.x86_64 packages, fixed this with

sudo dnf update --best --allowerasing


Thank you!!
I just had the same error, the solution works, the command removed telegram desktop from my system so Should the telegram rmpfusion community should fix the dependencies, right? I guess in the meantime it is safe use the flatpack package