Simplifying Fedora Terms

I am working on a glossary or guide to simplify Fedora terminology. Could you please share any Fedora terms you have found confusing in the past or that you’re familiar with and think others might need more explanation about? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Added mindshare and removed magazine-team

I love this as a project idea. We have so many terms, phrases, and acronyms in our community. It is hard for someone new to the project to understand all the different terms we use, like FESCo, releng, SoaS, G11n, l10n, i18n, RISC-V, IRC, SIG, WG… wow, this is already a lot :sweat_smile:

I created a placeholder page for this kind of project in the docs, but I have not done much with it or set it up for people to contribute. Although I’d like to have more community involvement!

I am thinking that one way to make this possible might be to create a form for people to enter terms or phrases they know of. This might be easier for people to track terms, whether to identify them or to list unknown/foreign terms. It would take more work to curate, but we could share the survey on social media perhaps too.

I am thinking aloud, but curious what others think!


How about fp-o? I’ve been wondering why that isn’t written fp.o.


This is a nice idea. Could google form be used to get the survey answers?
Well, this could lead to the expansion and community contribution to the Appendix page.

Thank you. I will add it to the glossary/guide.

  • copr
  • koji
  • bodhi
  • DEI
  • silverblue
  • kinoite
  • CoreOS
  • anaconda
  • infra
  • mindshare
  • docs
  • wiki

I know docs and wiki are common, known terms but we could try to explain the two different objectives of each in the glossary.


I think this is a great idea! Also, terms that are not specific to Fedora but are widely used, especially in Matrix chats, may be included. For example, SGTM, LGTM, IMHO, etc.


variants [ ↔ editions ↔ spins ↔ (Atomic) Desktops ↔ labs ] ↔ releases

There were already confusions about the relations of these terms in the past, although it used to be worse (when we had additionally “emerging editions” and such). “variants” has never been something official, but since there has never been a “consolidating” term for all terms in the above brackets (without linking them to specific releases), “variants” has evolved and appears here and there (I think it comes from some Docs discussions where it was questioned how to categorize things in Docs). At least in Docs, variants was used on pages when such a term was necessary in the past. Not sure if it is still in use there.

Especially distinguishing between releases ↔ editions ↔ (variants) ↔ everything else is something I could imagine remains hard for newcomers.


module :wink:

How about rpm, package, grub, OP, DE?


I see the wink, is this something worth defining? Or how would we even define this one? :sweat_smile:

What is this one? Original post?

My hunch is that a Fedora community appendix/dictionary probably does not need to define these things. Instead, we can link out to other sources when people need help with these kinds of terms. My thinking is that we want terms that are highly-specific to Fedora and likely don’t come up in other projects or communities.

Does that make sense?

Great list!

Is this open to contribution? Because it’s going to put my contribution heat map onfire!

Thank you for the terms provided.

Noted. Thank you.

Thank you for this. I had an almost similar discussion with Justin about it. This could be a blog post on its own.

I wonder how to get contribution heat map.

It’s on your GitLab profile. Of course is about all GitLab, not only Fedora

As in the OP said… original poster (I assume)