#mind-co tag -> #mindshare-committee

I’m looking at team tag names as part of Adding `-team` to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion? - Fedora Discussion. I don’t remember where we decided to use mind-co for the Mindshare Committee (as opposed to the general mindshare tag, for all things mindshare-related), but I think in retrospect the abbreviation is not consistent with other tag names, and while we’re changing a bunch of things, this seems like a good time to adjust this.

(I plan to leave fesco as-is, since that acronym is well-established. If we decide to start saying “mindco” widely and commonly, I can change my mind!)

I am curious whether we need the distinguished tag for the Committee at all, or if just keeping mindshare is sufficient. Given the overall usage of mind-co is fairly minimal, I’d prefer to merge it into the general Mindshare tag for greater visibility of our discussions. Unless there is some very good reason not to?

I’m open to that.

The initial idea was that mindshare could be a high-level tag for ideas that people aren’t sure where to put exactly. But… maybe those kinds of tags are a bad idea anyway.

I believe this would still be true.

I think it is helpful for Mindshare to pick up more meaningful discussion about Mindshare-related topics in Fedora. Casting a wide net and having the problem of too much engagement would be a good problem to have.

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FYI I’m going to go ahead and merge the tags later tonight.