Silverblue solution for upstream udev rules (steam-devices & OpenRGB)

I have been looking around and some flatpaks are not “perfect” because they cannot ship their udev rules as part of the flatpak.

Two that I have found are:
GitHub - ValveSoftware/steam-devices: List of devices Steam and SteamVR will want read/write permissions on, to help downstream distributions create udev rules/etc (udev rules for controllers)
Adam Honse / OpenRGB · GitLab (udev rules for controlling RGB)

Now, the main use of the former is a proprietary app that wont be included in Fedora and the latter is a niche use case. But the rules themselves dont seem all that troublesome and are probably something that should be included by default.

Since neither are in fedora, I am wondering what the correct way should be? Should they be included in systemd? Should they be rpms for the rules in Fedora?

This looks like it could be an easy usability win for these cases.