Silverblue Rawhide - what's in a name? Is there an opportunity?



No - not here to talk about my feelings about the word Silverblue or Fedora CoreOS ( although I do like both ).

I ran one of the recent Sbluhide (see I shouldnt name things). It worked very well! My only complaint was that there didnt seem to be a way (short of compiling a kernel) to switch to the “Rawhide Nodebug” kernel. The Fedora wiki also says the nodebug kernel, ‘Will not “just work” with secure boot.’ I wanted to run a kernel without debug on ( is there a cli switch or tunable? ) to improve performance. I poked around a bit, but ended up moving on the next shiny thing.

How to move Rawhide forward or make it less thorny for daily use is a conversation that comes up in the community from time to time. In Matt M’s Flock keynote this year, he put out the reminder that Fedora is “Leading Edge”, not “Bleeding Edge.” One thing I usually end up doing with my current Fedora install is pulling in a newer kernel and graphics stack. Which is exactly what Rawhide gives me.

An Atomic system with sandboxed desktop applications is the perfect setup to be somewhat safe between leading and bleeding. A release with rawhide-like kernel with better performance would be a great way to do that ( in my head anyway )? Is this possible with Sblue-Rhide currently? If not, how could this be a “real thing?”

Happy Weekend!


I want my desktop stable and all my testing to be isolated in containers. I can’t see a reason to run Silverblue Rawhide unless someone is paying me to do QA. :wink:


Do note that all the ‘rc’ kernels in rawhide (the first build of each RC) have debugging disabled. You could simply only reboot/switch to those trees? But of course that does mean you only update once a week or so and could have a harder time isolating problems.


Oh! Good thought. I did know that about the rawhide kernel. I may give that another whirl with an RC candidate.


I saw this article and I created an account just to reply. Silverblue Rawhide would be just awesome. You get the great advantage of having a rolling distro, AND you also have the great advantage of rpm-ostree, meaning that you can revert at any time to a previous version if your system if failing. This is just brilliant. The moment it is out, I am switching to it.


It’s been out for a while:


I think once Silverblue 29 is released I’ll be switching to Rawhide. Or maybe before, if the hotspot mode of the WiFi adapter on my desktop starts working. :wink: