Can I expect Silverblue to work like a regular version of Fedora workstation?

Hello Silverblue users and developers!

Next week my new laptop (the Dell XPS 13) will arrive and I’m thinking about installing Fedora Silverblue on it. My question: can I expect it to work like the regular version of Fedora workstation?

I use the following software: LibreOffice, Firefox, Gimp, Inkscape, Dash to Dock and Spideroak.
I expect that LibreOffice, Gimp and Inkscape will just work because they are available as a flatpak. And I also expect that Firefox will just work because it’s part of the base image.

Now my questions:

  1. Does the extension Dash to Dock work?
  2. I read that SpiderOak doesn’t work. Does anybody know a good alternative? Or a quick fix?

I’m thinking of writing a GNOME-app in the language Vala with the editor Builder.
3. Is everything you need for writing an app in Vala installed when you install Builder?

And my last question:
4. Do updates of the base image show up in Software?

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker (not my real name)

  1. Dash to Dock should definitely work, Silverblue doesn’t have any restrictions on your home directory where extensions are installed into.
  2. @znmeb may be able to comment on SpiderOak, since they were able to successfully get it without a root install. I’m not personally familiar with it to say much else
  3. Builder by default builds your apps inside Flatpaks where all the dependencies will be properly set up.
  4. Yup!

As for the overall question, I definitely wouldn’t say you can expect it to work in an entirely identical manner, but for day to day use the differences are a lot less drastic than they can seem.

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Hi there,
i am using silverblue a few months now as my main machine and apart from some problems with toolbox everything works fine so far.

Extensions seems to work all fine as far as i have tried and updating from Software is also working. Just keep in mind that you need to reboot to get into your new deployment.

Yes! I use it - just make sure you’re using the latest version of it.

Yep! Should do!

I haven’t tried SpiderOak, but you’re spot on with the others - as a flatpak, they will work wonderfully.

@refi64, @ralex and @ketudb: Thank you very much for your feedback! It gave me the confidence to try and install Fedora Silverblue!

Actually: my new laptop arrived today and I installed Silverblue immediately! The installation was just as simple as a normal Fedora installation. So far I haven’t found any problems. Everything seems to work out of the box! I only needed to add Flathub as a repository to Software.

Again: thank you for your feedback!!

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker


Hey Scott,

Just so I understand, you installed SpiderOak One and everything is working fine?

Hello Bassclef,

No, I haven’t had the time to install Spideroak so I don’t know if it would work.

Actually, I have to order a new laptop because there something wrong with the screen :frowning: . The new laptop will arrive in two weeks and if everything works well I’m going to install Fedora Silverblue again and after that Spideroak. If it works I can let you know what I did?

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker

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I pretty much agree with everyone’s views and suggestions here on SilverBlue.

The only complaints I have for it is the lack of certain 32bit software support currently. If software like SpiderOak requires some 32bit dependencies, you may be shit out of luck for the time being.

That said, whatever software you can find in the current repo’s you will be able to install more or less in Silverblue. Installing software from 3rd party repos may or may not work due to the lack of 32bit support so your millage will vary.

If this hasn’t been stated already, just install Workstation first, get a SilverBlue VM up and running and start tinkering with the VM directly. Once you get SilverBlue working to your liking and there are no conflicts, blow away your Workstation and replace it with SilverBlue.

Still waiting for the day I can install wine-staging properly so I can switch to Silverblue full-time myself…