Silverblue and ZFS

Anyone gotten ZFS working on silverblue? I’ve got old backup drive I’m trying to pull some files off of, and its a ZFS partition. I followed the fedora steps ( ). That resulted in my ostree having zfs-release-1-5 as a LocalPackage, and zfs as a LayeredPackage. But after booting that ostree, the ZFS module doesn’t load:

modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.5.8-200.fc31.x68_64

Hoping someone has blazed this trail ahead of me, or has some suggestions.

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I had this issue on standard fedora workstation. In my case it was after a kernel upgrade. As best I could determine the files were getting updated but a new dkms module for zfs was not being created/compiled for the newer kernel resulting in the error you describe. My solution was forcing a reinstall of the dkms module for zfs which triggered a recompile against the new (currently running) kernel. Everything then worked as expected after a reboot.

I would suggest forcing a reinstall while running your latest snapshot and trying a reboot after that…barring that, it may be an issue with the immutable nature of silverblue not playing well with the dkms package. I am at work offshore for the next 2 weeks so I dont have my desktop with me and the above info was what I could remember from about 5 weeks ago.

Hello @britthouser,

Silverblue, being immutable won’t allow installation of anything into /lib. I also think there are issues in general with layering kernel modules onto the commit. You would very likely need to make your OS live (rpm-ostree ex livefs) to do this on Silverblue, and your changes wouldn’t carry through on updates. So you would have to do them every update.
[edit] Sorry for the late reply on this.