Silverblue and live NET

Hi all !

Sorry, I used to do LIVE-CD and load the image over the network to work right away. How can I also do with SILVERBLUE?


Hello, and welcome to the forum. If you select download fedora workstation on the right hand margin you will see a selection for the Silverblue ISO. Good luck and enjoy! That is the ISO (2GB or so), and I cannot see a network install for it. However there are alternatives as discussed here Start a Fedora 29 installation from the GRUB menu - Fedora Magazine which is a bit more involved. There is also the BFO (Boot Fedora Only) which is part of the Boot Kernel Only initiative, that provides an image to boot into an installation of pretty much whatever Fedora flavor there is.

Thanks for the answer.

Probably because of the difficulties of translation you did not understand me. I am not interested in installing over the network. I am interested in working with a live image from the network. Doesn’t the silverblue ideology for read-only mode fit into the concept of LIVE-CD LIVE-USB and LIVE-NET ?

P.S. Creating and using a live installation image :: Fedora Docs

I haven’t seen a live image of Silverblue, but there are locations you can browse in alternative downloads, and I haven’t looked everywhere.

OK. Thank.

In general, it is very strange, I thought that silverblue is best suited for continuing the LIVE-CD concept.
Booting the base system over the network and mounting the local HDD disk as var only …


There may be a live image, I’m just not aware of it which wouldn’t be surprising. Certainly don’t give up on the idea since Silverblue could become one of the default offerings.

Because the innovations in Silverblue are primarily about how the operating system is updated, using it read-only from a live CD or USB stick is not all that interesting. The experience would be pretty much the same as using the normal Fedora Workstation live media.

I may be wrong, but I use live-cd just the main issue is to update the image immediately and not reassemble each time a separate image.
It is a pity that the ideology of silverblue does not include this question :frowning:

Maybe something pertinent is that the core image of Silverblue which is built and available on an official server is actually in existence as you seem to be inferring. The difference in what is that base image or commit of SB and what is on your system would depend on layering only. As a result, when update time came, if you had no changes by layering or disabling base packages of the commit, you should be able to just switch to the new commit and not build local. If I’m understanding your point correctly.

If I understand you correctly, yes.
For example, a simplified scheme:
cat /etc/fstab
server:/fedora/29/silverblue / nfs
UUID=7211313d-8b5e-4b96-be63-5dbbeb97f590 /var ext4