Silverblue vs Liveimage

Sorry to write here, but there is an interesting moment. For a long time I was collecting live CD on Fedora (then Fedora client had a regular installer), then I saw Silverblue. I gave it a try.
But a long time ago Fedora client is distributed as a live image as the main image. A lot of spins.
I decided to try to re-assemble different live images for myself.
It is very simple and fast enough.
And it is easy to carry the distribution with you, you can easily load it on PXE, etc., etc.

Is there any point in Silverblue ? Maybe it’s easier to reassemble different LIVE-CD (can be done even with the settings from users) and just as you need to update the download ?

I’m not sure I understand your question here. Is it that you want to create your own LiveCD image for Silverblue?

I was previously explained that this is impossible.
I just want to ask if there is any sense in Silverblue if there is LiveСD ?

Live systems do not persist user data nor system configuration and can not be easily updated or rolled back in place. Silverblue solves all of those problems while keeping track of which packages are available in a given image and allowing you to easily add or change some. You can see it as a permanent and safely customizable installation of a LiveCD image.

Previously, you could do a partition in LIVE-СD and save your data to USB (if LIVE-СD is loaded from USB.)

When booting from PXE you can mount any partition by NFS and save your data there.

Don’t you save your data (backup) in the cloud, a flash drive ?
Haven’t you lost it yet ?

For a long time many programs can save files to a remote resource (libre office) and many programs can be synchronized over the network (Firefox).

Using LIVE-CD is safer !

99% of the time you work with those packages that are already there and YOU do not tenderly every day something to delete and add.

Sure, you can persist user data outside of the system and access it remotely, but persisting system configuration and data is easier with Silverblue than with a LiveCD from my point of view.

Feel free to keep using a LiveCD if this is better fitted to your needs.

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